[Bell Historians] Imber Bells

Richard Offen richard at ...
Sat May 28 04:46:14 BST 2005

> [I believe four of the wheels were used on the back four at 
Tacolneston - what happened to the other wheels and the rope guide? The 
trebles at Tacolneston were hung using framework and fittings from 
Canterbury Cathedral, so I'm told - presumably from the two trebles of 
the old 12.]
> David

The frames side used from Canterbury were from the upper frame, which 
was added when the ring was augmenterd in 1923. This frame contained 
the second and third.

Can't remember if they used the metal headstocks from Canterbury's two 
trebles or timber headstocks from the older bells - it's nearly 25 
years ago now ...how time flies!



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