[Bell Historians] Re: A trawl through the archive

simple57uk simple57uk at ...
Sat May 28 10:12:21 BST 2005

> You might try to negotiate a periodic Bell Historians supplement 
with RW. That 
> could suit everyone.

It's nice to see the conversation has gone full circle, and we're 
more or less back where we were!

> The problem with a purely technical journal is whether there is 
enough material
to sustain it in the long term. Yes the first issue will be 16 pages 
full, the
next quarter also. then the third quarter comes out late and is only 
12 pages.

I was careful when I floated the original idea to avoid mentioning 
how often I would expect a supplement to be published. The way I see 
it, somebody could collect articles for publication, and every time 
they had enough (12 pages or so) they could send it off to be 
published. This would leave the Ringing World with very little work, 
and little additional cost except for an extended print run. Let's 
remember that once the infrastructure is there it's often easy to 
extend it slightly.

This would enable articles of too long a length for the RW to be 
published in a form available to all ringers, and may inspire some 
interest in bell history, which everyone seems to think is lacking. I 
might suggest that when we have a bell history mailing list with 192 
members on it, compared to change-ringers with 660, then maybe there 
is an untapped interest which we are ignoring.



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