[Bell Historians] Imber

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Sun May 29 14:27:19 BST 2005

> The numbers are probably 18th century. 

[1682, actually.]

> They are not the only set in the
> area; there are some, probably of a similar age, in the Wootton Bassett
> registers. I shall be glad to forward a copy to anyone who is interested.

[Would be good to have a more exact date if possible.]
> Someone from Durrington recreated Imber bells by reconstructing the changes
> on the tower wall and recording them, I think on Durringtons bells, but I
> very much doubt if they sounded anything like Imbers.
[Both rings are/were in the key of G, but Imber bells were a lot thinner
than Durrington. C D]


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