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Mon May 30 11:51:05 BST 2005

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> There has always been the opportunity to publish longer articles on 
> bell history in the county archaeological society journals, as has 
> been done by many bell historians in the past. As far as I am 
> aware, they are always on the lookout for things to publish 
> to the county or area they cover. 
> [True, but finding them can be the issue although with the CC 
Library lists and John Ketteringham's list the situation has 
improved. I've recently acquired a copy of the excavation report on 
the Byrdall foundry in Exeter (an off-print from the Proceedings of 
the Devon Archaological Society). It is good, and considers the 
products of the foundry (i.e. bells and domestic vessels) as well as 
the foundry site itself.]
> David

I rest my case! All you've got to do is find the appropriate 
archaeological society for each article and, bingo, you're in print!

I also agree with everything CJD said on the matter.



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