[Bell Historians] Evans of Chepstow

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Tue Nov 1 20:09:53 GMT 2005

>> Am I right in thinking that tonally Evans bells are very variable? 

Fairly; not very. There was more than one Evans.

> I've not
>> rung on that many, but those I have have differed widely. I wasn't
> greatly
>> impressed with the Evans back 8 at Chepstow itself, and the six at
> Selworthy
>> in Somerset weren't particularly memorable either. On the other
> hand, the
>> six at Luccome (back five by Evans) I recall as being really rather
> good,
>> and the 10th at Exeter Cathedral also impressed. Do you happen to
> have tonal
>> analysis details of this latter bell? I'd be interested to see just
> how
>> close to true harmonic it is.

Don't forget it was heavily retuned at Loughborough.

Hum and fundamental in unison at D - 29. Hum only about 8 cents sharp;
tierce and quint very close, too.
> I always think the back eight at Leominster Priory, Herefordshire,
> which were cast by Evans in 1755, are rather fine - I'm not sure if
> they were tuned by Warners when they added the two trebles in 1894,
> but I somehow doubt it!

So do I. And they are not well in tune, as tonal analysis revealed.



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