Canon removal and faculties

Alan J.Birney fartwell2000 at ...
Wed Nov 2 09:03:31 GMT 2005

 Does anyone know what my chances are of getting a DAC to agree to the 
romoval of canons from the front two of a 1723 Rudhall three that are 
not listed?
Three new Trebles will be cast and two new Tenors giving a ring of 
eight with the three Rudhall bells as 4,5,6 of eight.
>From my own personal engineering viewpoint, two middle bells out of an 
eight fitted with canon retaining stocks and the other six with normal 
stocks is not the most practical option.
There is no ornamentation on the canons and I see little point in 
keeping them, especially as there are loads of Rudhall bells in 
If all three existing bells retained canons then I would be looking at 
getting the new bells cast with canons so we had eight with canons and 
canon retaining stocks.
Any advice appreciated- we need to get the faculty application in very 
soon as we cannot place an order for work without a faculty.



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