Canon removal & faculties.

Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at ...
Thu Nov 3 09:51:07 GMT 2005

Richard Offen Wrote:-

"Certainly the WBF steel headstocks, and probably
those by other 
manufacturers as well, are all galvanised as standard,
completely alleviates the problems of corrosion."

I would disagree that 'galvanising completely
alleviates the problem of corrosion'. Condensation
will cause coppper in solution to drip on to
headstocks and this solution will strip off the zinc
galvanising. Most galvanised steel frames and
headstocks are powder coated to prevent this. However
I would still prefer a cast iron headstock to a
tubular steel one which will rust from the inside (How
can you possibly see inside a tubular steel headstock
or frame). If the canons are to be preserved then
what is wrong with a good timber stock? Bowell's RSJ
headstocks did excellent service and it is good to see
people coming round to Bowell's wooden shafted
clappers which never broke. A straight grained teak
shaft will last a lifetime as the wood will absorb the
shock when the ball of the clapper hits the bell.


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