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Thu Nov 3 12:17:39 GMT 2005

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> > I would disagree that 'galvanising completely
> > alleviates the problem of corrosion'. Condensation
> > will cause coppper in solution to drip on to
> > headstocks and this solution will strip off the zinc
> > galvanising.  
> [Copper from where?]
I have just consulted Rick Shallcross on the subject (he runs a 
galvanizing company) and he says:

"A tubular steel headstock is galvanized both inside and outside 
(necessary for the process). The corrosion rate will be very slow and 
may well protect the steel for well in excess of 100yrs. It would, of 
course, depend on the corrosive conditions within the belfry ( i.e. 
bird muck, salt water spray). 

Jim's comments re copper attack are interesting, but I would like 
more info on his line of thought. Is he supposing massive corrosion 
of the bell (?) and would this really cause the galv coating to 
deteriorate. Strip off the zinc - WOW!

Also, I've never heard of a galv bell frame being powder coated. 
Where, why?"



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