Staunton Harold

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> Apart from the go of the bells, limited improvement 
through "restoration" etc, the thing that also struck me about 
Staunton Harold was the inadequate and inappropriate metalwork added 
to "strengthen" the frame. It looks totally out of place in what was 
supposed to be a pucka "conservation job". Here the culprit was 
another of the Trusts's advisers, a structural engineer (now deceased) 
who became quite a thorn in the side of bell restorers. The alarming 
thing is that much of his credibility with conservationists seems to 
have stemmed from the Staunton Harold job!
> Time for a turn of tide on the conservation front - still!
> CP

As a past adviser who had a number of run ins with EH over jobs which, 
when they had their way, turned into disasters, I am still in 
disbelief that we still let the business of awful restorations in the 
name of preservation take place. Fortunately some jobs I was involved 
with were done without their input and they all turned out well.



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