[Bell Historians] Staunton Harold (was Canon removal and faculties)

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Fri Nov 4 18:35:15 GMT 2005

> Thanks Rod. As you can imagine, it was a source of considerable 
> frustration to a number of us at the time.

Yes indeed. The NT had no Bell Adviser then.
> I very much doubt if anything will be done with the bells for a good
> few years as, in the eyes of the Trust, they are now properly
> conserved ...what a joke!

Statically, maybe, but that wasn't the sole point of the exercise. Some of
us are still trying to get things remedied to make the bells at least safe
to ring (i.e. tightyening &/or renewal of gudgeons, bearings,
clapper-fittings etc.).



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