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Fri Nov 4 18:43:41 GMT 2005

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>> Apart from the go of the bells, limited improvement
> through "restoration" etc, the thing that also struck me about
> Staunton Harold was the inadequate and inappropriate metalwork added
> to "strengthen" the frame. It looks totally out of place in what was
> supposed to be a pucka "conservation job". Here the culprit was
> another of the Trusts's advisers, a structural engineer (now deceased)
> who became quite a thorn in the side of bell restorers. The alarming
> thing is that much of his credibility with conservationists seems to
> have stemmed from the Staunton Harold job!

Or Chadshunt?!

I agree wholeheartedly with CJP but the fact remains that the Staunton H
frame is pretty rigid (I haven't watched Chadshunt) and is not what is
stopping the bells from being rung now.

Not the only rogue engineer - cf. Lichfield before Adrian Dempster sorted
things out.



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