[Bell Historians] Canon removal and faculties

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Sat Nov 5 12:43:17 GMT 2005

> I though there was a Yahoo Bell Restoration Group for this sort of
> thing! Have I plugged into the wrong group again?

Nobody uses that group, and whenever anyone asks a question on it they
rarely get an answer so most people tend not to bother now - the people who
know about these things are on this list.

I don't have a problem with it being discussed on here. It is all part of
the development of bell hanging techniques and therefore historical.

I think what Rod says about tucking bells (usually the tenors of a ring) up
is correct, and the same seems to equally apply to hanging them out (usually
the trebles). If bells are hung out it slows them down to a certain extent,
then they start to speed up again. I can think of several twelves where the
trebles are hung well out and are extremely fast.

Taylor's practice of casting flange tops on the trebles of tens and 12s in
the earlier twentieth century was no doubt to hang the bells out.



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