Twiddle Pins

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Mon Nov 7 07:51:03 GMT 2005

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> The back 8 at Hythe, Kent have twiddle pins fitted - and they 
appear to be original (1928). These have the old type of Mears 

[I'm sure I've seen some earlier than Hythe, but can't for the life 
of me think where!]
> DLC says: 

> I understand that the present design of Whitechapel headstock was  
designed in 1938 in connection with the forthcoming installation at  
Liverpool Anglican Cathedral; so presumably they made their 
appearance then - that is a calculated guess!
> The new design of WBF headstock did not appear until the very late 
1940's or early 1950's. 

[The modern pattern of Whitchapel headstock was designed by the late 
Douglas Hughes. I think he developed the design after the war for 
Liverpool, not before.]

Most that I have seen of this era are not fitted with twiddle  
> pins. 

[I'm pretty sure that places such as Cripplegate and Hart Street 
(early 50s), and indeed Liverpool Cathedral, were fitted with clapper 
staple set-bolts from their installation - no doubt someone will 
delight in correcting me if I'm wrong!]



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