Daresbury, Cheshire (was Warners demise)

Richard Offen richard at ...
Thu Nov 10 13:58:20 GMT 2005

> That's odd because most Warner bells of that period respond to tuning 
> extremely well. The sixth (now the eighth of ten) at Wye, cast in 
> about 1913, went to Whitechapel a dustbin and came back a superb 
> bell. I gather that the fourth at Marston Bigot is perfectly 
> acceptable as well.
> Perhaps the Rickmansworth bells are of a different profile to the 
> examples above.
> R

Incidentally, has anyone ever done a full tonal analysis of the Warner 
eight at Daresbury, Cheshire? It's now nearly forty years since I 
rang there, but I seem to remember them as being one of Warner's nearer 
misses when it came to harmonic tuning ...there again, perhaps time has 
lent enchantment!



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