Warners demise

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Tue Nov 15 02:49:19 GMT 2005

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> In "Bells in Australia" by John D Keating published 1979 there is a 
chapter on bellfounders, Warners being one of them. The final paragraph 
on Warners is as follows:-
> "The warner family managed the foundry until its end. The last owner 
died in 1949, having bequethed a substantial sum to the Founders' 
Company to establish a fellowship in metallurgical research as applied 
to bell-founding." 
> Would any documentation from Warners have been passed to them at the 
time ? 
> Regards,
> John N Dunn
> Auckland NZ (A Warners 8 1862 - from the International Exhibition of 
London of 1862)

Alas no, as was mentioned in an earlier posting, all the records 
perished in the Blitz.

Your's are 'nearly' a Warner eight - don't forget that the treble and 
fourth have since been recast!



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