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Wed Nov 23 13:19:42 GMT 2005

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> that's how they do it.
> forget your idea of a bell shape... it brings its own harmonics 
with it... they have cracked the whole science.
> Andrew

It was I who suggested that Roger Bailey put the link on his web site.

I think you'll find other bell founders have known much of what the 
guys in Melbourne have discovered for a long time, but just chosen, 
for commercial reasons, not to put it into practice.

It is planned to have a carillon of these bells as part of the Swan 
Bells exhibition at some point in the not too distant future. This 
will be hung alongside a traditional carillon of Taylor bells, based 
around the old top two octaves of the Canberra Carillon, which were 
replaced with new and more powerful bells by Taylors a couple of 
years ago.   

It will be interesting to compare the two in this way. Like Andrew, 
I have experienced the Aussie bells first-hand and I know which I 
prefer ...call me Old Mr Stick in the Mud, but proper bells win for 
me every time!



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