Inscriptions in Welsh: Glamorgan

John Baldwin Dovemaster at ...
Tue Oct 4 16:06:19 BST 2005

The following Glamorgan tower bells have inscriptions in Welsh (but 
also remember that the incumbent's and wardens' "identity" and 
founder's name are usually described or "introduced" using English):

Aberdare, S Elvan: all 8
Cadoxton juxta Neath, S Catwg: (both partly English, partly Welsh)
2/6, 6/6
Caerphilly, S Martin (partly Welsh): all 8
Cardiff City Hall: 1/5 (an 'incorrect' inscription - one word missing 
from what was ordered), 3/5, 5/5 (clock bells)
Llandaff Cathedral (partly Welsh): 5/12, 6b/12
Merthry Tydfil, S Tydfil: (partly Welsh): 3/8
Mountain Ash, S Margaret (chime, currently out of tower): 1/6, 2/6
Peterston super Ely, S Peter: 5/6, 6/6
Pontypridd, S Catherine: all 8

The above have been found within my own records and also A Wright's
ms notes.

(PS: I VERY relieved to see that Yahoo doesn't offer Welsh as a 
language in which to make this posting !)


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