Tubular chimes.

Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at ...
Fri Oct 7 12:18:07 BST 2005

GAD wrote
"Tuning is very simple, just saws some tube off the

I feel it is not so simple. I have two sets of tuned
wind chimes by Woodstock. The Gregorian chime
(soprano) consists of 8 tubes and the Kyoto consisting
of 5 much larger tubes. Some of the Kyoto tubes have
chamfered ends and most of the ends of the tubes
appear to have been on the lathe to get the right
pitch. To get an organ pipe to sound the right note
you just do not saw off the end. It requires
'tweaking'. I have never heard tower tubular bells
but I have heard hemispherical bells chimed - St Mark,
Victoria Park chimed by the late Ernie Rowe and they
sounded very realistic.


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