[Bell Historians] proto-National Bell Register work

Mark Humphreys mark.humphreys at ...
Fri Oct 7 22:02:37 BST 2005


> Chris Pickford has asked me about European law on copyright 
> in things like 'Dove', following the recent discussion on 
> this list. There are fairly recent directives on databases 
> (1996, implemented in 1997) and harmonisation of copyright law (2001).
> Mike Richardson, who works for the Patent Office in Geneva, 
> suggests that I should mention the case of British 
> Horseracing Board Ltd (BHB) and others v William Hill 
> Organisation Ltd in the European Court of Justice, in which 
> judgement was delivered on 9 November 2004

I'm sure the recent Sawkins vs Hyperion case (copyright), and the cases
sited therein, are of interest. I'm quite au fait with that case, so can
help if required.



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