[Bell Historians] Re: New website

Richard Offen richard at ...
Sat Oct 8 02:56:35 BST 2005

> >W.r.t. a guide on 'How to record details of your bells', the easy bit
> >is noting the details of the bells themselves, the difficulties come 
> >recording frames & fittings, and drawing accurate conclusions from 
> >is discovered.
> Indeed.

I wasn't thinking of a definitive guide on how to record everything in 
the minutest detail - that should be left to the experts.   

We have all complained at the howlers that appear in the Ringing World 
and church guides, so just something that encourges people to read 
inscriptions accurately, where to measure the diameter of a bell, etc 
would be most useful.   

As I said in my previous posting, we need something that will make 
people aware that bells are important church artefacts and as much care 
should be taken in recording their details as, say, recording the 
inscriptions on tombstones in the churchyard.



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