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Sun Oct 9 15:34:47 BST 2005

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> > Sounds like the perfect place in which to end a ringing tour!  
Is this feasible? 
> Almost certainly not. For purely practical reasons, it is 
extremely unlikely that it will be possible to ring the bells when 
the ressaurant is open. Exact ringing arrangements have not been 
finalised yet, but it is envisaged that the bells will be rung by 
local ringers on special occasions. It may be possible for 
individual visitors to join the ringing on these occasions, but it 
is almost certain that no visiting bands will be permitted. Ringing 
the bells with the restaurant open would cause considerable 
> > To whom should application be made to ring these bells?
> David Potter is the contact.
> David

Sounds as if the bells are doomed. I cant think of a time when you 
could ring when it wouldnt be in the way of restaurant staff even if 
it wasnt open. If it is open during the day and evening, the chances 
are that staff would be in in the morning preparing things and it 
could be open 7 days as many restaurants are.

Maybe you should block up the louvres and ring tham after midnight.

Thanks goodness I have rung my peal there.



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