York, St John

John Baldwin Dovemaster at ...
Mon Oct 10 17:00:32 BST 2005

> The adviser to the scheme was Frederick Sharpe .....Is there likely 
to be anything about the project in Fred Sharpe's papers?

As a Sharpe Trustee, I'm afraid that I cannot immediately answer that 
question. But I CAN say that all his papers having anything remotely 
to do with bells are placed within The Sharpe Collection in the 
Ethnomusicology section of Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford.  

Tim Pett is the Sharpe Trustee who has particular responsibility for 
liaison with the Museum and it would be sensible to route that 
question to him at:

tgpett at ...

We would like more people to make use of the Sharpe Collection 
material - but would advise that "standard museum practice" applies 
and those who would visit need to understand that they will need to 
be "overseen" by museum staff when looking through papers.


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