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 From: "jimhedgcock" 

It is worth looking, for amusement, at the photos of the Lowe House 
Carillon in St. Helens, Miseryside. These are of course modern Taylor 
castings, but from the dreadful photo you could start wondering where 
they did come from?

Go via change ringing resources and ' added October'.

From: "Richard Offen"
Hmm! Were JT & Co experimenting with some radical new bell shapes in 
1929, or has someone resized the photographs incorrectly? My 
inclination is to the latter answer!

Another case for Super Dalton, bell photographer extraordinaire!

PS. In mitigation, it has to be said that the section "How Tower Bell 
Ringing Works" is rather well done!


- as the webmaster of the site ( should you not want to go via the splendid ) I should probably decline any credit for the quality of 'how tower bell ringing works': I obtained it via Ernie Runciman, who in turn sourced it from Wokingham All Saints' website (with, of course, the approval the whole way through of relevant webmasters). 

Similarly, the link to details of Lowe House is to the church's own website. When I get a chance, I'll see what state their page is in, and if necessary suggest changes - which they are under no obligation to take any notice of! But since I manage the bell08 website, I take full blame for the quality not being up to much. 

You will have noticed that 'Bell08' is a truly dreadful name for a website and for a festival of ringing. Any suggestions of a better name would be most gratefully received! And if anyone can suggest links that would work better than the ones I am using (in particular, a better and more stable explanation of handbell ringing than the one from wikipedia), I'd be pleased to hear them. 

Giles Blundell
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