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> "Before I unsubscribe from Bell Historians [things getting rather 
too tetchy for my taste], I may be able to help with your quest. I 
probably ought to have noticed this information in an earlier e-mail 
but what format would you like photos in and have you any specific 
type of inscription/decoration in mind? And, for that matter, do you 
only require lettering or are decorations also of interest? Perhaps 
this is a silly question. If you had wanted decorations you would 
not have asked for inscriptions. I feel another belittling coming 
on, but I am trying to help. I really am."
> Anything along these lines really - I just want a variety of 
decent pictures for the website.
> I don't belittle people trying to help. My recent criticism was 
about the doom-and-gloom merchants who were commenting adversely on 
the situation regarding a tower with which I am very much involved 
(and they are not) without knowing the full facts, and without even 
properly reading the information which I pointed them to before 
commenting. I regarded their comments as criticising what has been 
done locally about the bells. It has been a difficult and very 
unusual situation, and local ringers (and David Potter in 
particular) have done the best possible in the circumstances. I 
posted the information which I did to inform people, not to provoke 
a flood of veiled criticism.
> "I have several close ups of inscriptions/decorations on the 
original and newly cast bells at Kirkby Malham, including the coat 
of arms of Queen Elizabeth 1st."
> Those would be great - thanks.
> David

You really are taking our collective comments far too seriously. No 
one wants to see the bells unrung and we will be fascinated to see 
how the difficulties will be overcome. In the N East we have similar 
situations with one or 2 towers and they have to be worked on by the 
right people with the right people skills to try to solve the 
obstacles. Your situation with the restaurant ring is unique and 
poses unique difficulties due to the hours a restaurant works unless 
the ringing can form a cabaret. Keep us posted.



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