Bell details on Dove ("proto-NBR")

John Baldwin Dovemaster at ...
Tue Oct 25 15:41:13 BST 2005

On 27 September (in message 9328) I intimated to members of this list 

".. After a short period (with some invited participants) to assess the 
usability of what we have designed, people generally will be able to 
supply us with (relatively) SMALL amounts of data (ie, on a bell by 
bell basis for any given tower), and to supply corrections for what is 
already being shown (on the Dove website in the way of details about 
the bells comprising a ring)."

We are now ready for those who wish to, to try out those editing 
facilities having decided that the period of testing we have undertaken 
ourselves justifies making it generally available. (It that proves to 
be over-optimistic in practice, we may remove the facility with no 

Just go to the normal Dove search page, click on the item number (first 
column) and follow the links. Help is provided.


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