More on the proto-NBR

John Baldwin Dovemaster at ...
Tue Oct 25 17:23:41 BST 2005

What, perhaps, I should have made more clear is that the process of 
assimilation of submitted information into the Dove webpages is by no 
means fully automated. It still requires a not insignificant amount 
of human involvement - but considerably less than the task of all 
data being input at only one point (which would be overburdening, if 
not a near impossibility).

So, please, when making a submission, don't expect the details to 
appear on the relevant tower detail page instantly. The associated 
Help page suggests a week ...

As to the questions already raised:

1. do read the aforesaid Help (which may well answer your question, 
and, possibly, even before you ask it)

2. I'll try to reply to them in an omnibus reply in due course.  

Please remember that we are trying to break new ground!

In advance, thank you all for your support and help.


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