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Fri Oct 28 01:27:23 BST 2005

> I have been on holiday and missed the various postings about 
> Shrewsbury.
> The information given by the two Christophers is, as ever, 
> I, for one, was fully in favour of RCO's transportation to the 
> colonies for the reckless posting on misremembered details.
> During the period when peals were rung there, the bells of the 
> were rung from a loft. This was probably installed in 1697 and 
> removed in 1814. From that time, the best indication is that the 
> bells were rung from the present belfry floor with the bell frame 
> being fixed a little higher. It seems to have been very little 
> higher, with Taylor's report of 1884 speaking of 'the ringers being 
> such a short distance from the bells.' In The Bell News in 1895 a 
> correspondent, `G', reported, `a splendid peal of eight. We did get 
> a muster for a haul; will it be credited that the ringers are 
> banished to the under timbers of the frame, where the beams 
> themselves interfere. Mr Taylor's people had been busy doing up the 
> bells, but nothing else is allowed on that ridiculous plea of 
> spoiling the church. The ascent to `the slaughterhouse' is 
> and indirect. Two iron circles at the proper levels not only scale 
> the edifice, but the eight ropes are handsome in themselves. The 
> great perpendicular window would be improved by such an 
> There is certainly no prospect of the bells being rung in the 
> existing frame.
> I can confirm to David that the belfry and ringing room at St 
> Alkmund's have been cleaned out and we are in the process of 
> restoring the peal boards. I have also been up the tower of St 
> Michael's and may be able to supply information on that 
> Alan Glover

There we are you see! I knew he'd come up trumps!

Thank you Alan.

If this is penal servitude, I think I'd rather like some more of 
it ...good bells to ring, friendly and enthusiastic ringers, 
excellent food and an abundance of superb wine!



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