[Bell Historians] Re Travelling Peal Boards

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Fri Sep 16 08:58:15 BST 2005

>Related to this topic if not actually a travelling peal board is the
>board at Melksham, commemorating a peal rung by the Melksham ringers at
>Beckington.I wonder how many other times this occurs.

There's one at St Giles in Norwich recording a peal rung at St Andrew's. If 
I remember rightly, it's a double peal board with one peal at St Giles and 
one at St Andrew - I'm sure Jonathan Dickenson can correct me if I'm wrong.

Incidentally, I would suggest that Norwich has the best set of peal boards 
of any town or city. Most of them are very finely produced, and some of the 
ones at St Miles are particularly amusing in their glorification of the 



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