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In Aldbourne (Wilts) tower there's a crosstitch? record of the first peal at
Everleigh. Without checking, I think most of the ringers came from

In 1888 the then St Martin's (Salisbury) Society rang a peal at St Thomas's,
Salisbury. This performance was recorded on a large board at St Thomas's;
also, on a smaller board, recording a peal rung at St Martin's. Presumably
it hung in the tower at St Martin's.
At some stage (pre 1960) the smaller board was cut in half and the section
with the St Thomas's peal going to St Thomas's. You're not going to believe
this but, yes, I rescued this from destruction when the tower was cleared of
junk. Unfortunately, the paint has blistered badly but I did manage to make
a fair job of filling in the lost detail. At the time I couldn't afford to
have it done professionally. I have a recollection of another board hanging
in St Thomas's recording 2/3 peals rung in other towers but I do not know
what happened to this. It is not there now.

This is another dimension in peal boards - two peals rung in different
towers but recorded on the same board.

Neil Skelton.

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> I am sure when I visited Wangaratta Cathedral a few years ago, there
> was at least one peal board from St George's Bolton hanging in the
> ringing-chamber.
> Related to this topic if not actually a travelling peal board is the
> board at Melksham, commemorating a peal rung by the Melksham ringers at
> Beckington.I wonder how many other times this occurs.
> Phil Lucas
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