[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

David Bryant davidbryant at ...
Mon Sep 26 14:01:18 BST 2005

>Does the list feel there is a good case for setting up a national bell
>If so, who should own and maintain it and how should it be used?

In principal, yes. However, I think that in order for it to be workable the 
software would need to be professionally written. Unless a professional 
software writer (and there are a number who are ringers) was prepared to do 
it voluntarily, this would be expensive. I think the most contentious issues 
would be who would maintain the database, and how you would ensure the 
accuracy of data - for instance, would contributors have to be 'approved' in 
order for their information to be added. Would the person maintaining the 
database do it voluntarily, or would they need to be paid? Would there be a 
facility for approved data providers to add data over the internet?

As we've discussed before, when an issue like this is under discussion we 
really do suffer from not having a society dedicated to the study of bells, 
as there are for clocks and many other aspects of ecclesiology. I personally 
do not think that the Central Council is a suitable body, as most ringers 
are simply not interested in bells. It would perhaps be feaible for the 
Council for the Care of Churches to be in charge of it, but again we come to 
the issue of funding.

So basically, I think it is a good idea in principal but without a detailed 
action plan it would be pointless to embark on a project such as this. If it 
is ill thought out and fizzles out after a short period of time, that could 
well lead to the idea being abandoned for a number of years.

There are no easy answers!



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