[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

Mike Chester mike at ...
Mon Sep 26 15:01:44 BST 2005

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, Andrew Bull <a_m_bull at y...> 
> Isn't this what the "National Bell Register" is going to be? The 
Central Council are trying to set this up; perhaps GAD can elighten 
us further?

The Central Council had started to set one up and I think that in at 
least some format it is still there. John Baldwin showed us what had 
been done so far at the Llandudno meeting of 2003.  

See the Redundant Bells Committee Report at 

The Council as a body decided that it could not fund the setting up 
of a register as the benefits it receives would be far outweighed by 
the costs involved.

It would be a nice to have such a register, but we need to decide 
exactly what it is there for and how it is to be financed. It will 
not be an insignificant amount. The National Organ Register costs, 
apparently, c.£8000pa to maintain. How is this sort of money to be 
raised? Just who will consult such a register and how often? Does 
the likely use of such a register merit the ongoing cost?

There are some very keen and very knowledgeable members of this list, 
but is this enough alone to justify the cost? I am not sure.



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