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Carl S. Zimmerman csz_stl at ...
Tue Sep 27 03:01:05 BST 2005

Robert Lewis asked:
>Does the list feel there is a good case for setting up a national bell
>If so, who should own and maintain it and how should it be used?

In the first ten responses to Robert's questions, no one disputed 
David Bryant's assertion that in principle there is a good case to be 
made. Let's put aside for the moment any worries about what it would 
cost or how it would be funded, and focus instead on three things:
1) Explicitly state arguments in favor of setting up a national bell 
database. (These will be needed to prepare funding proposals 
2) Suggest possible owners/maintainers, stating arguments in favor 
(and perhaps also against).
3) Identify points which must be addressed in determining how 
information can be acquired, organized and made available in order to 
make it widely useful.

To consolidate all the useful information in one place, I've just 
added a new page to John Camp's wiki pilot project. Go to, then click on Other Stuff (under 
Contents). Explore and contribute! (You'll eventually find there 
some of my proposed answers to the above questions.)

Carl Scott Zimmerman, CCP
Certified Computing Professional (ICCP) Campanologist


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