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Tue Sep 27 09:36:21 BST 2005

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Let's put aside for the moment any worries about what it would 
> cost or how it would be funded, 

You cannot really do this! There is absolutely no point in putting 
aside the cost of the register. It has to be central to the 
discussion as, for instance, the more detail that is required of each 
bell installation the more cost, in terms of time and at some point 
money, is going to be necessary. It would be too easy to fly off at 
a tangent in terms of the detail required without focussing upon the 
implications this has.

Also, this discussion has already taken place elsewhere. There is a 
model upon which we can base any discussion. This model is what John 
Baldwin showed Reps at the CC Meeting at Llandudno. There was, IIRC, 
quite a lot of data stored about the installation as a whole and 
details of Hampshire(?) had been already inputted. This surely has to 
be the starting point of the discussion and someone who is keen on 
the idea might like to make contact with John and then distribute his 
response, (with permission).



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