[Bell Historians] Re: National Bell Database

John Camp camp at ...
Tue Sep 27 14:32:19 BST 2005

At 12:07 on 27 September 2005, LOVE, Dickon wrote:
> Andrew - must admit that I think you need to lighten up here a bit. Mark was
> making a constructive point in a humourous way. Whilst some people might
> have thought it a bit rich hearing the list owner dictate what may or may
> not be discussed elsewhere, Mark's approach was to make light of it rather
> than go for the jugular. I would suggest we continue this topic of
> discussion on the drivel list, but I'm not sure we are allowed... :)

To which I would add that the wiki is free for anyone to use - that's
what it's for. I hope that people will do so.

John Camp


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