[Bell Historians] proto-National Bell Register work

Robert Lewis editor at ...
Thu Sep 29 16:41:30 BST 2005

I notice that the British Pipe Organ Register (BPOR) appears to be 
copyrighted to the British Institute of Organ Studies (BIOS).

Plainly someone considers copyright important in that context.

The Central Council owns Dove and "all its works". It is a valuable asset 
and it is surely for the Council to decide how it is used in the possible 
development of a National Bells Register.


At 18:27 28/09/2005, David Bryant wrote:
>So, in the context of Dove, how do you define what copyright belongs to 
>the CC? Dove is a collection of factual statistics to which many people 
>have contributed. How will you be able to say if the copyright has been 


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