[Bell Historians] Shire Books

John Camp camp at ...
Thu Sep 29 20:08:19 BST 2005

At 20:01 on 29 September 2005, Richard Offen wrote:
> I've received a copy of the Autumn Catalogue for Shire Books today and
> was somewhat saddened to note that Discovering Bells & Bellringing, 
> Bellfounding and Handbells have been withdrawn from the catalogue. 

> All three were excellent little publications, which were more regularly
> seen on the shelves of high street bookshops than any other title on 
> bells or bell ringing. What a shame they've disappeared!

I'm interested to know that. My father's book 'Bells & Bellringing'
has been in print for quite some time. I have owned the copyright
since his death in 1990 and revised the last edition. (Lots of
interesting copyright questions there, but not germane to this
message.) I get a modest amount in royalties every year, so it does
appear to be still selling. Shire Books haven't mentioned to me that
it isn't in print any longer. I must have words with them.

John Camp


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