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Probably most Bell Historians will now be aware that Newburn on Tyne bells  
were burnt out on the evening of Monday 20th March.There is nothing left of the 
 inside of the tower that was combustible bar a few severley charred beams.
It is quite a miracle that all seven bells have not fallen to the  ground.
What remains is a tangle of A frames and twisted charred timbers.
Taylors are to secure the bells in situ before the fire police and insurers  
can inspect the area.
When this is done Taylors will remove the bells and inspect them. What is  
certain is that the tenor and sanctus bell are cracked.
The sanctus is by William Culverdon ( 1506 - 1522 ) and no doubt this  listed 
bell will be attended to by Soundweld.
I do not think that any of the bells will be kept but I do need to say that  
this is a personal opinion - only time will tell.
All six bells of the ringing peal were 1887 by John Taylor.
Howard E. J. Smith - bell advisor.
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