Richard Offen richard at
Mon Apr 3 10:06:36 BST 2006

> I notices what seemed at first a very small organ, perhaps 4/5 feet 
> wide, 6/7 feet tall and a couple of feet deep.  Closer inspection 
> showed that there appeared to be no keyboard and the rank of small 
> pipes at the front were false.  There were a couple of metal 
> on the left side, one seemed to raise and lower a cam and the other 
> know not what.  A plate said that it was made by William Prowse & 
> 48 Cheapside, London.  I suspect that this might be the name of the 
> company that sold the "organ" rather than its maker.
> Is it some sort of mechanical organ?  I could post a picture if 
> would help.
> mike

>From the National Pipe Organ Register:

"Barrel organ, restored. Given 1864 by Mrs Bromhead, wife of
the Rector.
The compass is incomplete, having just sufficient notes to
fill the needs of the hymn tunes.   7 barrels."

William Browse was a London organ builder who was operating between 
the early 1860s (this must be a very early example of his work) and 
1891 when he died.



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