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Those of us with a dual interest in clocks and bells are delighted by the appearance of a new book by Michael S. Potts - "Potts of Leeds - Five Generations of Clockmakers". It's a splendid production - 432 pages, lavishly illustrated with photographs of buildings and their clocks, and meticulously researched. It is published by John Robey of Mayfield Books at £45 (plus £4 for UK postage and packing). 

There is a website for Mayfield, but the URL - www.mayfieldbooks.freeserve.co.uk - doesn't seem to work. There are quite a few titles that may be of interest, including clock and watchmakers of ... several counties including Herefordshire (John Eisel and T. Branston), Kent, Derbyshire and Central England (Worcs, Warwicks and Staffs). Also a very good book on the clockmaker John Whitehurst of Derby. All from Mayfield Books, Matherfield House, Church Lane, Mayfield, Ashbourne, DE6 2JR. Tel 01335 344472. 

I'm not on commission! But John's publications are excellent, and well worth supporting - this one on Potts especially

Chris Pickford
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