Wasing, Berkshire

Bill Hibbert bill at jEhd1kYHp7NzKIu4pnLXtH77TH7tIUaGzAXTBrO2vaKEknhX45O_QuPVov1tph6yDTMxq95e3953.yahoo.invalid
Sun Apr 9 21:24:47 BST 2006

I had my lunchtime sandwich in the churchyard at St Nicholas, Wasing 
the other day, as you do.

The church guide said that one of the two bells in the turret above 
the nave might be 700 years old. Fred Sharpe's Berkshire says that he 
did not see the bells, as he could not procure ladders on his visit in 
1955. He quotes Tyssen and Turner on their visit in 1877, who found 
two bells, one a Henry Knight II dated 1664, and the other with no 
inscription 'considered to be a modern casting'.

Anyone know what's really up there? Has anyone been up since 1877?

Bill H


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