[Bell Historians] Digest Number 1353

David Bryant davidbryant at SvN4ts7kyuFzcaFmgoIId20uIg_-UWQU7PXvZx-Oqq4gMnx1_9HD_LIuejFpOnH7MSZRORieNMY52HC3fF5B8u2W.yahoo.invalid
Wed Apr 12 18:11:34 BST 2006

> I can't say that this is the recommended way to accurately record
> inscriptions.

What do people consider to be the most effective way of recording 
inscriptions? The two main ways seem to be to transcribe them into a 
notebook, or to make a rubbing of them.

Of couse, ways of recoring them in books vary. Some historians record them 
in consierable detail, including positioning on the bell of each element, 
and details of decoration, etc. At the other end of the scale, some only 
record the actual wording - although this method is more common in church 
guide type recording, rather than amongst specialist bell historians.

Where decoration, foundry marks, borders, etc are concerned, the options are 
usually either to describe them in words, to provide a reference number and 
give grahical illustrations of each in an appendix, or to include a 
graphical depiction within the description for each bell.



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