Tuning forks.

Jim Phillips jim.phillipse9ox at 52ZOmdKAH6Zi2Ooa7-MnOcWck7b6zqzrLcBRkK0rMtoDUi-Am0QH8MA4-dL7g1OkJQelu5qWgVcaszH4nLbPPmSCwKajrg9MPg.yahoo.invalid
Sat Apr 15 23:53:20 BST 2006

David Bryant wrote:-
"Why do you always assume that practices from 'the good old days', be it 
tuning methods or clapper material (I could be opening another can of
worms here..) cannot be equalled today?"

I don't assume - I use my ears.  Times change,standards don't.  Regarding
clappers I still prefer the sound made by a good wrought iron clapper to
that of a clapper made entirely of SG iron and you do not need a string of
irrelevant letters after your name to distinguish between a good sound and
an indifferent sound.  It seems that a lot of people do not care as long
as there is  a bonk or similar sound so that they may count a place, and
all peals look the same in the Ringing World.  You cannot hear sound with
your eyes!


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