[Bell Historians] Tuning forks.

Anne Willis zen16073 at LyAW9SRnQyulsVBNXL5aDFzubsHt5cFrKjTAVqTC_YNL2xatNERmo3wBaE6H0z55W3fmxdaJR9o.yahoo.invalid
Sun Apr 16 13:44:52 BST 2006

Jim Phillips wrote

I don't assume - I use my ears.  

I suspect our aural perception changes with time.  I used to be able to hear
bats clearly; now I can't hear them at all.

Acoustics do matter.  Westbury will always sound better than Holy Trinity,
Bradford because the sound can disperse evenly at Westbury, as it does at
Chewton Mendip whereas at Bradford it tends to bounce off the hill.



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