[Bell Historians] Warner foundry closure / Stavanger

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ptxJcWEfhVHWe4TrwZlEB3EUi65_IgorQHpXiNaXOooDdHs7n7neRUmkgwI0ZWwRg1_5mkt0JCq8tUyI7qwT.yahoo.invalid
Tue Apr 25 20:21:23 BST 2006

> So it is confirmed that in 1922 Warner supplied a fully chromatic 
> chime of 22 bells based on E of 21-0-11.  Although the Olsen Nauen
> foundry did not specifically mention the dates on the bells, I expect
> that they all are the same.  Since all apparently remain in place (on
> their new frame), anyone who wishes to visit there should be able to
> verify that.  CSZ
It would be interesting to know how close to true-harmonic tuning the Warner
bells are, assuming that they have not been retuned subsequently.
Mangotsfield does not encourage (though Millom does).  I agree with Chris
Pickford that one would expect 1921 to be the actual casting date, simply
because no other Warner bells are known dated as late as 1922.  But very
early 1922 might be a possibility, i.e. their very last casting?



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