[Bell Historians] surprising Campanophile listing

David Bryant davidbryant at pJx4W0mvcAIT1JPOpfpceYHMwm8TxjNNCO6kdEjUgTnLT2sNonuTut7l9hPX-k0re29myNeglIAbCumU3PcZN88ttA.yahoo.invalid
Sat Aug 5 22:40:01 BST 2006

> Should they be included in Dove as they are not a proper full circle ring?

Well, if a quarter was rung on them that must surely merit them being in 

And can Matthew and the other offenders please take note of my request a few 
week ago (and at regular intervals before that) with regard to replying to 

Only quote what is necessary, indicating with chevrons or whatever which is 
the quoted text. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES just click reply, type your 
message at the top and click send. This makes for extremely messy threads 
which are almost impossible to follow, especially for those who receive the 
messages as a daily digest.

I know we all slip up sometimes, but recently it has been the same offenders 
over and over again - especially you Matthew. Please take more care. I do 
not want the etiquette on this list to get as bas as it is on nabbers, where 
the daily digests are often barely intelligible.



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