[Bell Historians] Re: Bellfounders' Marks

David Bryant davidbryant at JZzg3QcQnqFEM_Cmw0w9_2KWK-heMGNcv0Vr-cNAwW1xdNCXkCUkHhkLzEP0L430gz29klCOIol-HHICQsODeIHpBw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Aug 15 07:49:12 BST 2006

> I cannot find the mark for the 3rd in the books I have. It is is a 
> shield with SS over H. Can anyone please help here?

> Halls & Dawson's 'Derbyshire ' 3rd. Samuel Smith of York 1705

In that case it will almost certainly be be SS / Ebor on the bell.



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