[Bell Historians] Cheltenham

David Bryant davidbryant at 6lAGe4to12XuiOnzJ09-nC17A9L1XzFSmqSLZFgE-OZR_fwYwIpC92StnSmR8iAEcFwtCLwSS_Xf9g7U_jcn-AwtQg.yahoo.invalid
Wed Aug 16 18:20:09 BST 2006

> Actually the original question was mine. Well spotted David - it does 
> indeed look as if the bells have been tuned. This means that the tenor 
> actually weighs somewhat less than its "Dove" weight, having had its 
> canons removed AND been retuned since it was supplied at 22-2-16.

But has it been tuned? I can't see any tuning marks on this one in the 
picture - all of the others visible in the photos appear to have marks of 
machining, but not the tenor. It would be necessary to inspect the bell to 
be sure.

The tuning on the others is in the soundbow, which suggests that the 
intention was simply to line up the nominals. If this is the case, it seems 
reasonable likely that the tenor would have been taken as the datum and 
consequently left uncut.



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