[Bell Historians] Cheltenham

Richard Offen richard at 4iihzG1zabOnDJE5rx9WzvIgoRBXxP_Y0FLxJT5D66H3Se5qdAKecJWNzXuGKaodSlQToDqXyvuZMw.yahoo.invalid
Thu Aug 17 08:00:03 BST 2006

> The tuning on the others is in the soundbow, which suggests that the 
> intention was simply to line up the nominals. If this is the case, it 
> reasonable likely that the tenor would have been taken as the datum 
> consequently left uncut.
> David

Not necessarily.   The ring is more likely to have been tuned to the 
flattest bell, which could well not have been the tenor.

I don't think WBF had a tuning book in 1911, so Nigel Taylor probably 
isn't going to be able to help us ...unless he had the time (I doubt he 
has) to go through the Foundry Day Books!



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