[Bell Historians] Royal, or other names

John Camp camp at XKJsoxYB9hd7GLNGtKDqpfP6D5WBjcSbb5WSPPoK78MK_U_WJFJohfCYecILCBIaHOOYeu2M6MpdY-gZGbo.yahoo.invalid
Mon Aug 21 15:27:29 BST 2006

At 15:15 on 21 August 2006, George Dawson wrote:

> All I was trying to say was, as I'm not a member of the Ringing
> Theory chat-line (or whatever you call these things), could someone
> please let me know if a definitive answer came out of that
> chat-line. Nothing more or nothing less.

The subject hasn't been mentioned on ringing-theory.

The usual terms for these things is 'mailing list' or 'email list'.
Chat rooms and chat lines are something different.

John Camp


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