[Bell Historians] Royal, or other names

Richard Offen richard at En2B8RdN0lreLGVNTcO2TB-SODNhWRK7oN9mbVT3IcISmp17A1B3fa_gKKn-EH-Vl63V9tREsY9FBw.yahoo.invalid
Mon Aug 21 16:24:59 BST 2006

> I would have thought that this questiuon belongs on this list and
> an answer from this list Perhaps you should ask Richard why he thought
> matter would be more relevant to the other list rather than to this
one. I
> would be interested to know myself
> mew

I personally find this whole subject absolutely fascinating but, to
quote from the front cover of this list, "this group is for those
interested in the history and archaeology of bells, their framework and
fittings" and, having had my wrists slapped in the past for taking us
'off topic', I thought we should draw things to a close before getting
into trouble!

Perhaps someone should start a history of change ringing group ...I'd
certainly subscribe!


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